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  • Cod.: MMUSICALUX01000003
  • Brand: Nuova Simonelli

Equipped by origin with pressure switch professional SIRAI, with this pressure switch reliability of this coffee machine is outstanding

MUSICA LUX technical characteristics:
- Group semiprofessional coffee in chromed brass
- 2 liters boiler in copper 
- Circulation interchange termosifonic in copper (HX), the water disbursed for the coffee is not to direct contact with the water of the boiler but warms through a heat exchanger in copper . The water's temperature in the boiler is constantly regulated to 120° through an electronic circuit, this it allows to always have a continuous vapor to do savory and creamy cappuccino or to heat water. 
- The pouring group is thermo compensated and has a pre-infusion system that allows all of the noble substances in the coffee to be extracted to the full
- Professional filter holder in brass chromed of the weight of 550 grams 
- Hot water nozzle to prepare other types of hot beverage
- Steam wand switable 360°
- Visible pressure gauge for checking pressure in the boiler tank
- OPV Over pressure valve installed
- Anti vacuum valve installed
- Volumetric dosing can store up to 3 different dose setting
- Elegant button pad with backlit soft-touch buttons
- 3 Liters water tank container for the automatic filling of the boiler (when the boiler water level drops the electronic circuit will start the pump to fill the water is consumed, if the tank is empty the same unit will inhibit all the functions of the machine)
- Cupholder
- Body stainless steel 
- Lit edges from tiny LEDs
- Width cm 32, Height cm 43, depth cm 40
- Weight 20 Kg
- Plug Shuko
- Voltage and Power: 220 V-50Hz 1200 W
Warranty 2 years (read the terms and conditions)

Included Accessories: Filter holder complete with 2 ways nozzle ,  Filter holder complete with 1 way nozzle, 1 two cup filter, 1 single cup filter, 1 coffee measure, 1 plastic tamper

  • Price: 1.130,33 € (VAT Excluded)

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