BEZZERA Coffee machine DUO TOP MN

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  • Cod.: DUO00MN1IL5
  • EAN: DUO00MN1IL5
  • Brand: Bezzera


Thermal Balance without compromise. The new DUO model represents a new concept in the semi-automatic espresso coffee machines world. It combines the traditional “LEVA” technology with the most sophisticated software and electronics that allows, through a 3,5” touch display, to control the dual boiler system  
It works with traditional manual levetta group: pulling the lever up activates the pump and the coffee brewing starts, it stops by pulling the lever down at the desired quantity in the cup.
The group is heated by thermo-syphon hot water circulating system with water coming from a small boiler dedicated to the coffee extraction. The temperature is controlled by a PID thermostat that guarantees optimal thermal stability in a range from 88-96C°.
The Steam/Water circuit is connected to an independent boiler driven by a PID thermostat that allows to maximise the steaming power also in case of heavy duty usage.
The water supply system that feeds a commercial grade rotary pump can use an internal water tank of 4 lt or can be connected to the mains water supply

- Dual Boiler (Coffee boiler 0,5 Lt, Service boiler 1 Lt)
- Rotary pump
- PID with touch display
- Coffee group E61
- Thermosiphonic system
- Direct water connection
- Removable water tank capacity Lt. 4
- Automatic back-flush program
- Daily automatic on/off setting
- Display TFT 3,5"
- Body Aisi 304
- Coffee boiler 800 W 
- Steam boiler 1200 W 
- 220 Volt 50 Hz
Accessories: single spout portafilter with wooden handle, double spout portafilter with wooden handle, 1 cup filter basket, 2cup filter basket, blind filter basket, plastic tamper, plastic scoop, grouphead cleaning brush, and instruction manual. 

Width 326 mm Height 425 mm Depth 470 mm 
Net weight 34 kg

Warranty 2 years (read the terms and conditions)


  • Price: 1.700,81 € (VAT Excluded)

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BEZZERA Coffee machine DUO TOP MN  Bezzera