Coffee distributor tool

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An accessory designed to improve the distribution of coffee in the filter 

The distribution of the ground coffee in the filter before the pressing is one of the most important stages in the preparation of an espresso. Having a surfacel of coffee with a homogeneous density is the first step to avoid the "Channelling" phenomenon when water finds preferential routes in our coffee pad and does not go to correctly extract all soluble components.

The leveler is just a disk composed of two parts, a top which rests perfectly on the edge of the filter and the other lower (similar to a fan) that by turning allows to perfectly distribute the coffee in the filter.
The leveler is adjustable in height to be used with any filter and dose.
With the leveler we limit to the strict minimum the dangers of channeling and microchannelling ensuring greater consistency in the quality of the coffee.
Note: the leveler does not replace the tamper and then for a correct use a good tamper should also be used

BLACK Colour
Suitable for filter holder 58mm
Weight 400 gr.
Made in Italy by Motta Metallurgica

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Coffee distributor tool Motta