ECM Coffee Distributor

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  • Brand: ECM Heidelberg

ECM’s Coffee Distributor
is an accessory designed to evenly distribute and polish coffee in your portafilter before tamping. Comprised of three pieces, a textured handle decorated with the ECM logo, an adjustment ring, and the 58.4mm distribution wedge, this is a must have tool for consistent preparation of shots.

By gripping the adjustment ring and turning the handle counterclockwise, you can release the wedge to raise or lower the height of the blades depending on your dose and the size basket that you’re using. The textured handle is made of aluminum while the adjustment ring and blades themselves are made out of steel.

To polish and distribute you coffee, simply place the distributor on top of your freshly ground coffee in the portafilter and twist clockwise. You have will have a perfectly distributed puck of coffee that is ready to be tamped.

Note: the leveler does not replace the tamper and then for a correct use a good tamper should also be used

Fits 58mm Portafilters

Base Material Stainless Steel
Base Style Distributor
Tamper Diameter 58.4mm
Handle Material Aluminum
Weight 580 gr.

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ECM Coffee Distributor ECM Heidelberg