BEZZERA Coffee machine UNICA PID

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  • Cod.: UNI0SMN1IL5X
  • Brand: Bezzera

Coffee machine BEZZERA mod. UNICA PID coffee machine with E61 group, boiler 0.5L without heat exchanger, pressure gauge reading pressure coffee extraction, vibration pump, PID temperature control, through 2 programs, allows you to manage both the temperature of the coffee and steam .

The program coffee can be adjusted between 80C-100C °, while the steam program between 105C-120C °.
- Casing of stainless steel AISI 304
- Vibration pump
- Removable water tank capacity Lt. 3
- Capacity copper boiler 0.5 Lt
- Filter holder chromed steel diam. 58mm
- Power supply 220/230 Volt 50/60 Hz Plug Shuko
- Power consumption W 1350
- Dimensions L250 x P425 x H375 mm
- Weight 18.5 Kg
Accessories: filter-holder for 1 cup, filter-holder for 2 cups, blind filter 

This product will be shipped with a pallet, dimensions are:
Width 40 cm
Depth 60 cm
Height 60 cm 
Warranty 2 years (read the terms and conditions)

Backflush: it is not necessary to do it often; once a month is more than sufficient.
Obviously backflush frequency depends also on coffee quantities made during a month.
To make backflush you have to use blind filter and pour a little quantity (half teaspoon) of coffee cleaner in powder (Puly caff, Dusty caff or others..) into the blind filter provided; start brewing cycle like you are preparing a coffee; wait 15 seconds, empty and rinse repeatedly. Lastly,for safety's sake, brew and empty a single expresso Shower, filter holders and filters cleaning: it's good practice to make cleaning periodically for not having this taste of bitterness in coffee.
To clean filter holder and filters you can use Dusty Caff (or similar product).Dissolve two spoons of Dusty Caff for every litre of very hot water, leave the parts to soak for at least one hour and lastly rinse thoroughly.Should you find any difficulty to remove shower of E61 group you can easily clean it with a sponge soaked in citric acyd.

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 BEZZERA Coffee machine UNICA PID  Bezzera