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Advanced Coffee Solution mod. MINIMA

The smallest double boiler coffee machine on the market.
An incomparable design contains the best available components, a 316L stainless steel double boiler with stainless steel resistors, PID temperature control with temperature adjustment, error control and a distribution timer. Removable tank of 2.6 liters with device allowing to make the last coffee even if the minimum level in the boiler has been reached.
2.3-liter steam boiler, the largest in the class for superior performance in terms of power and durability.
E61 distribution unit controlled by solenoid valve for intuitive operation and reduced maintenance.
Quiet vibration pump of 15 bars.
Italian components. 

Technical features:

Simultaneous or sequential heating
Steam boiler Aisi 316L 2.3 liters integrated stainless steel resistance 1200 watts
Boiler Water AISI 316L 0.8 liters integrated stainless steel resistance 1000 watts.
2.6 liter water tank, removable.
E61 group with back solenoid valve.
Temperature control with PID algorithm with display and double scale manometer (boiler/pump pressure), automatic boiler loading and coffee dispensing timer, LSP (last shot protection) function with which the machine ends the coffee delivery even if the water level in the tank is low.
Signaling lack of water tank. 

Supplied accessories: filter holder 1 spout, filter holder 2 spouts, Under-cup gasket, Plastic tamper, NBR blind filter, Brush, 4 rubber pads and 4 felt pads

Width 270mm (340mm)
Depth 445mm (510mm)
Height 370mm (525mm)
Weight 21 Kg net (25kg)
Power max 2250 watts 9.8A 230/50

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