- The prices include VAT?
  Depending on the country of destination goods (in the top right of the web page you have to choose the country of destination goods),  the system will display prices including VAT or not

  - Can I simulate an order?
  Yes, nothing happens and no order is made without confirming it.

  - I placed my order, immediately after paying  I realized that I need other products but if I make another order  the system makes me pay the    shipping costs. How do I add items without paying additional transport fee?    
  If the order has not been shipped yet, the customer can add additional products in the shopping cart selecting RITIRO DIRETTO IN NEGOZIO - DIRECT COLLECT IN THE SHOP - RETRAIT DIRECT EN MAGASIN

  - How can I calculate the transport costs?
  On top right you have to choose the destination country " SELECT YOUR COUNTRY "; the system will calculate the transport costs  automatically according to the products weight, the transporter selected and the destination country. In some cases you will be able to  choose the transporter, otherwise the system will choose it.

   - The costs of the shipments by registered mail made by Poste Italiane seem to be very high
   The cost is based on the net weight of the product/s + packaging weight, the e-commerce system automatically creates the shipping      price, the prices  charged by Poste Italiane are visible on this link , ref. pag 7. We prefer to ship by registered mail as it is traceable

  - Can I make an order without paying VAT of products?
  Yes, if customer is a company - enterprise of the European Community. In this case, when registering, the buyer has to enter as a Company and    insert the VAT number valid released by his country. We will afterwards check the validity of VAT number through the european site VIES and, if data  are not correct, we will inform customer and refuse the order.
  Yes, if customer is resident out of the European Community. In this case customer, after selecting "SELECT YOUR COUNTRY " (destination Country),  will see product prices with no VAT and cost of shipment made by us. Customer when receiving products in his Country will have to pay customs fees  imposed by his Country. Please find documentation in this link of the Italian Custom Agency 

  It can happen that a tourist resident out of the European Community decides to buy and have products delivered to (a) an italian hotel or to an italian  residence or (b) to buy directly from our shop. What to do in these cases?

Step by step what the buyer must do:
1) Create an account in this way:
fill in the fields Name, Surname, email, password, IMPORTANT! in the "Select you country" field write ITALY.
This is very important for the system to understand that you are shipping products to Italy
2) Proceed to purchase the products
3) To conclude the purchase the website will ask for the delivery address, fill in the fields as follows:
a) for tourists who want to send products to the Hotel:
Name and Surname C/O name of Hotel
Street: street of hotel
zip code: zip of the city of the hotel
City: city of hotel
Country: ITALY
telephone: hotel telephone number
b) for tourists who want to send products to the an italian residence;
Name and Surname C/O name of host family
Street: street of host family
zip code: zip of the city of the host family
City: city of host family
Country: ITALY
telephone: host family telephone number
4) At the end of the page the website asks if the invoice-address is the same as delivery-address, NO, click on the check mark, the fields for filling in the invoice-address will open, fill in the fields
5) The system will show the summary, there will be a "Customer note" field, write the passport number, the date of birth (It's very important)
From September 2018 we must communicate electronically to the Italian customs the sales invoice that we have issued, the customs will issue us a document with an identification number.
This identification number will be attached to the sales invoice.
The customer at the time of leaving Italy declares the products purchased by showing the purchase invoice and document
with identification number to the Italian customs.
We will be automatically notified when the customer has regularly left the Italian territory
At this point we will issue an invoice with a credit note and issue a refund of the VAT paid

IMPORTANT NOTE: normally the Italy -> Italy shipping system is very fast, 24-48 hours for delivery, deliveries from Monday to Friday, but sometimes delivery may be longer.
For this reason it is preferable that the buyer makes the purchase a few days in advance.
We will not be liable if the courier has not delivered on time

   - Can I make an order without paying VAT of products?

    NO, if customer is italian (private or company) or if private customer is resident in the European Community
    NO, if the customer is resident outside the European Community and wants the products are shipped in a country of the European Community, in this      case there would be no customs controls Italians needed. Example: The customer is resident in a country outside the European Union, has a relative,      friend, who resides in the European Community and that will take care of the shipment to the country outside the European Community . in this case      the customer has to pay VAT because there were no Italian customs controls 

  - Why in the shop we show the same prices both for Europe and for outside Europe ? 

    This only affects spare parts or accessories. To deduct VAT for shipments outside the European community is quite complicated, we must follow       certain rules. To deduct VAT we must necessarily make the shipment with a service called EMS or via couriers, this service is very expensive, the cost varies    according to the weight of the product. We make following examples of shipping costs via EMS for ZONE 1
    cost for weight up to 1 kg € 42.18
    cost for weight 1 to 3 Kgs € 45.68
    cost for weight from 3 to 5 Kgs € 57.68
    cost for weight from 5 to 10 Kgs € 65.38
    etc. (on this link the EMS costs for other zones https://www.poste.it/risorse/postali/pdf/EMS_listino.pdf)

    for the shipment via registered mail ZONE 2
    cost for weight up to 500 gr. € 18.65
    cost for weight up to 1 kg € 26,90
    cost for weight from 1 to 2 kgs € 40,30
    (on this link the registered mail costs for other zones https://www.poste.it/postali/estero/raccomandata.shtml click on "tariffe)

   Now if we make the assumption for a purchase of € 100,00 VAT included and weight up to 1 kg and with shipping via registered mail we will    pay : 
   € 100,00 + 26,90 = Total € 126,90
   If on the other hand we buy the same products without VAT the cost would be € 81.97 (VAT in Italy is 22%) if we were to make the shipment     with  EMS the cost would be 
   € 81.97 + 42,18 = Total € 124.15

   In the end the customer would pay approximately the same amount. The convenience of sending via EMS and no VAT is to buy over € 150,00 . 

   Normally, only after seeing the customer's order we decide whether to make the shipment via EMS or registered mail, to apply or deduct VAT and      eventually reimburse the customer for what he paid more. We did these operations for a long time and had always satisfied our customers

 Products selection, grouping of products

  We tried to simplify as much as possible the search of products by grouping them in macro categories
  - Coffee machines
  - Coffee grinders
  - Spare parts
  - Barista tools
  - Oscar modifications Kit 
  Every macro category has a subcategory for brand, functionality, spare parts for brand. Further, in the box "SEARCH" you can make a search by    producer code or by key word.

  - I can not find producs 110 volt, why?
  According to contracts stipulated with producers we are not allowed to sell products functioning at 110 volt.

  - Products availability
  - Can I be sure if product selected is available?
  YES, warehouse is in real time and except some rare cases of wrong calculation, the product is immediately available for purchase.

  - Where can I find the technical information of product?
  Generally all products have a technical card, below the general description of produc there is a card "photos and documentation", make  a click with mouse and relative cards, photos or videos will be opened.


  - Payment by Paypal or credit card is sure?
  YES, by choosing one of these two methods of payment you will be addressed to the relative web Paypal or to Banca Sella. Systems of  encryption used are very sure.
  NOTE : In order to make it even safer to pay by credit card, the credit card operators have adopted the inclusion of 3D SecureCode
  In  the absence of 3D SecureCode payment WILL NOT BE AUTHORIZED

  - Payment by bank transfer is sure?
  YES,if you pay on line your bank will be make sure that data are encrypted.

Tracking of an order

  - How can I be sure that my order has been processed?
  If payment has been effected with paypal or by credit card the system will advise you automatically by e-mail that order has been  accepted.If payment has been made by bank transfer we will advise you by e-mail that payment has been received, normally a bank  transfer SEPA is confirmed by our bank in 24-36 hours.

  - Can I follow the preparation of my order?
  YES, you will be advised by mail from the preparation till the shipment and we will give you the tracking number too.

  - Which are the delivery times of product?
  For products which do not need modifications or particular installations shipment will be done within 24 hours from monday till friday.    The transporters have delivery times changing according to the destination country.

  - What can I do if parcel arrives damaged?
  Read carefully this link https://www.elektros.it/it/en/shipment.html

  - Products are late to arrive, what can I do?
  Tracking number and the transporter link we will give you when shipping, will help you to understand what happened. Except Poste  Italiane, tracking is very reliable. For any problem send us a mail, we will provide to urge the transporter.

  Warranty and right of recess
  Read carefully this link https://www.elektros.it/it/en/right_of_withdrawal.html