Puly Caff Grind Hopper Spray

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  • Cod.: 9V0206
  • EAN: 8000733002069
  • Brand: Pulycaff

H.A.C.C.P Certified in Critical Control Points.
Puly Caff Grind Hopper Spray had been certified that it’s effective to prevent, eliminate, or reduce hazards to an acceptable level.
The Puly Caff Grind Hopper Spray is the missing piece to help barista to clean the grinder hopper easier and safer.
The active ingredients are found from a natural source.
It cleans and sanitizes the internal and external of the grinder hopper. It deodorises and it has no odor itself. It will also keep the hopper clean for a longer time.
All the barista has to do is spray on the hopper and wipe it, there’s no rinsing required. It removes the rancid oil that are left behind from stale coffee beans.
It is not flammable nor hazardous. It contains no allergens and is free of GMO products or risk BSE / TSE. It is gentle to the hands and stainless steel.
The product is entirely renewable.

1. Remove the beans from the hopper.
2. Have some Puly Caff Grind Hopper sprayed on a cloth and clean the hopper.
3. You can rub till it’s completely dry if necessary.
4. If the hopper can not be removed, spray on the inner wall and clean with cloth till it’s completely dry

Do not switch on the grinder while doing the cleaning. The power should be cut before performing any cleaning process.

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 Puly Caff Grind Hopper Spray  Pulycaff