Kit OPV adjusted to 10 bar for Oscar vers. 1

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  • Cod.: OPV10BARS
  • Brand: Nuova Simonelli


Although not strictly necessary, you can install on coffee machines Oscar (water tank version) the over pressure valve, OPV
The overpressure valve can be installed on the Oscar (water tank version), is installed on the cold water
Installation is extremely simple, requires very little equipment, we supply the kit OPV already fully installed and adjusted to 10 bar

The OPV over pressure valve makes constant the extraction of coffee at 10 Bar, improves the extraction of coffee and the machine "forgives" errors attributed to incorrect grinding. The pump will have more long time
This adjustable Over Pressure Valve (OPV) can be easily installed on the NS Oscar water tank version. It is installed on the cold water side.

Installation is quite simple. ALL of the materials needed to complete the installation are included. All you need are a few basic tools. Before we despatch the OPV kit we adjust the brew pressure to 10 bar. You can further adjust this +/- to suit your taste.

The calibration of the valve 10 Bars OPV is made in our laboratory following a standard procedure.
This calibration can change depending on the age of the pump or other factors.
it is advisable to buy this small gauge code 9V03265 that although not classifiable as a professional product is quite reliable in the pressure reading



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Kit OPV adjusted to 10 bar for Oscar vers. 1 Nuova Simonelli