Installation kit OPV on OSCAR II made by ELEKTRO'S

  • Availability:6 pz
  • Cod.: Installazione kit OPV_OSCAR-II
  • Brand: Nuova Simonelli

This product can not be sold individually but only coupled with the purchase of OSCAR II 
If you already have an Oscar II and if you want to buy the OPV kit and install it yourself click here

The installation will be done by us before shipment of the coffee machine

Although not strictly necessary, we will install this kit on the coffee machine Oscar II

The overpressure valve, known as OPV, makes a constant pressure of extraction of coffee to 10 Bars rather than to 15 Bar

The installation does not affect neither the proper functioning of the Oscar neither guarantee

Deciding to buy and let us install these kits delivery times are getting longer than 2-3 days

  • Price: 39,02 € (VAT Included)

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Installation kit OPV on OSCAR II made by ELEKTRO'S Nuova Simonelli